I am a musician and game developer who focuses energy on creativity, positivity, and community. Life's goal is to make lots of stuff in whatever form that might take.

I have several cats.


Rush (Feb 6th, 2023)

I know February has less days, but I feel that the month flew by with little to report.

On the music side of things I cleaned up Journey Without; Journey Within and prepared it for digital distribution. That's set to go live in May, so there's still some time there.

The next big music project is making Quiet Spaces, Vol 3. These songs are usually fairly simple, but I want to make sure that they get some love and attention. This time I am focusing more on drones and other soundscapes.

Each Quiet Spaces volume has a kind of theme in the background. Volume 1 was the ocean, Volume 2 was space. I'm thinking that Volume 3 is about the forest.

Hopefully I can get those songs done this month and I can work on getting Season 17 ready for distribution. Once that's done, I need to work on finally finishing Let the World Forget Us because that album release is long overdue.

I'm still working on Raise the Dead for Fun and Profit. I've been building a lot of back-end systems that are necessary to make a bigger, more robust game. A lot of progress made, but nothing that's really visible to players. Hopefully will be able to make more content soon.

It is slowly getting warmer around here again, which is great. I'm definitely starting to feel a bit trapped inside. I miss my daily bike rides and nature trails.



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