I am a musician and game developer who focuses energy on creativity, positivity, and community. Life's goal is to make lots of stuff in whatever form that might take.

I have several cats.


Grooving (Nov 6th, 2022)

It's been a pretty rocky lead-up to November, but now that we're here I think things are moving along smoothly. I've been working on songs for the National Solo Album Month and have nearly 25 minutes of music blocked out already. I feel that the songs that have been made need a lot of tweaking and extra subtle layers, but I feel the important part of the first two weeks is so just get things done.

I feel that's where I stumbled last year during the NaSoAlMo. I tried to get too fancy early on and I just burnt myself out. This year, I want to get the album done, then I want to make it better.

I have some thoughts on the album art, but I'm not sure how to execute it. It should be really cool if I can get it to work.

I'm very excited about this project.

Not much else going on this month overall, I've put everything to the site while I focus on making the album. I have a few commissions and other small things to help keep the wheels turning, but for the most part I'm just streaming and making ambient/atmospheric music.

Looking forward to sharing it with the world early next year. And then I can start work on finishing up the NaSoAlMo from 2021, because I desperately want to finish that one up as well.



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